Our range of fire detection & warning system equipment

Whether you need full system design planning and installation, or simply a replacement device for any part of your premises, we pride ourselves on being a trusted fire safety partner, not just a supplier. And once you have the equipment you need, we can maintain and fix it as required too, giving you complete peace of mind that your fire safety is in the safest hands as you focus on your core day-to-day priorities.

Control panels/units

Available using conventional, addressable or wireless technology, a fire alarm control panel (FACP) is the brains behind your fire detection & warning system. Once the unit receives a signal from your smoke detectors and/or call points, it can set off wider building alarms, initiate emergency lighting and also communicate with emergency services or monitoring partners to instantly raise the alarm remotely. 

Smoke detectors

Smoke is usually the first physical symptom of a fire – and can be a silent killer in the worst case scenarios – so it’s vital that you have effective, regularly maintained smoke and heat detectors throughout your building(s). We can advise on the best early warning sensors and sounders for smoke detection in your commercial spaces, fit them efficiently, and provide ongoing test/maintenance to keep you safe and compliant.

Fire alarm manual call points

Previously referred to as ‘Break Glass’ call points (although modern innovations now simply utilise a plastic cover and ‘Press Here’ button combination), call points usually give out the first alert in case of fire emergencies. Whether you need a one-off service on a small site, or full installation of new alarms across multiple premises, we have the equipment and expertise you need.


We supply and support high quality conventional, 2-wire and addressable sounders to complete your alarm system and ensure full efficiency. Whether installed as a one-off fitting or as part of our all-inclusive Total Care subscription plan, we can also test and maintain your sounders to ensure efficiency and compliance and keep your legally required annual checks up-to-date.

Fire Risk Assessments

A fire risk assessment is recommended to help you identify risk and highlight exactly which fire safety equipment you need – and it’s also a legal requirement. Our experts will be happy to support your Responsible Person, and take on the complexities of a full audit to save you time and ensure all checks and documentation are completed professionally.

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Fire Risk Assessments

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