how many steps in a fire risk assessment?

What are the 5 steps of a fire risk assessment?

  1. Identify the people at risk across your organisation
    The first step of a fire risk assessment is to work out exactly who is at risk in your premises, and why.

  2. Identify potential fire hazards
    This should include looking at potential fuel, ignition and oxygen sources to highlight the most probable causes of a fire.

    Can I do my own fire risk assessment?

  3. Evaluate the risk of fire
    Things to consider when evaluating risk include assessing your fire extinguisher condition and placement, alarms, staff training and fire drill plans.

  4. Document your findings
    By law, any business with more than 5 employees must record their significant findings to remove or reduce risk - and also prepare an emergency plan with adequate training based on the assessment.

  5. Review and update regularly
    We recommend that you carry out a new FRA every 12 months. When reviewing your last assessment, check if all safety measures are still in place - especially if your building has changed in any way. If you don't know when you last carried out a risk assessment, you should complete one as soon as possible. 

Each of the steps above in turn covers lots of specific checks which can be time consuming and disruptive - and difficult to document. If you need support from a professional fire safety auditor, book your Fire Risk Assessment with JLA today.