JLA Fire Safety Accountability Report 2021

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Here at JLA, we aim to provide solutions for every aspect of commercial fire safety. For us to gather more insights about how knowledgeable those responsible for fire safety in the property are on the subject, we recently conducted a UK wide survey with over 500 respondents.

Our research from landlords, building managers and workplace fire safety representatives has revealed some staggering findings. For example, 10% of the people we surveyed do not know how to carry out a fire risk assessment, and over 60% believe they could be doing more to make their respective building fire safe.

Conducting this survey has highlighted where further training is needed, what the barriers are when it comes to making a commercial property fire safe and how up to date those responsible for fire safety are with fire safety regulations.

Business owners, managers and landlords are required by law to make sure a full fire safety plan is in place. Every UK business with five or more employees must keep a written record of their fire safety plan, which is managed by their 'Responsible Person' as per the recent Fire Safety Bill 2019-21.

To find out more about the new regulations and gain a full understanding of the gaps in knowledge around the subject, download the Fire Safety Accountability Report today.

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