What is ozone laundry?

Ozone washing is, essentially, an effective alternative to the “traditional” thermal disinfection cycle, which relies primarily upon higher temperatures. Ozone disinfection follows a different process, injecting ozone – a natural gas derived from oxygen – directly into the water during the wash cycle.

The ozone approach is effective because ozone is soluble in cold water and is a powerful disinfectant attacking the cell membranes of bacteria, spores and viruses present on the textiles in the laundry load. Through this, micro-organisms are destroyed, disinfecting the load entirely – crucially, even with COVID-infected laundry.

Ozone washing – specifically, JLA’s own patented OTEX ozone laundry system - comes with a number of benefits over thermal disinfection cycles. For example, because fibres in linens are gently opened during the ozone laundry process, washing with ozone facilitates deeper cleaning, reduced drying times and longer-lasting fabric, in addition to the core disinfection process. 

When compared to thermal disinfection, extensive testing has shown that ozone washing is more effective than thermal washing processes – which is naturally crucial in the current climate. For example, independent laboratory tests* found that OTEX shows a significantly better end wash for C.difficile compared to thermal with complete elimination, together with successful elimination of MRSA. 

Importantly, ozone is also far more environmentally-friendly than thermal, which translates into operational cost savings for the business. Not only does ozone use both less water and electricity per cycle – reducing utility bills – its effectiveness at lower temperatures in turn means there is a lesser requirement for heating, further saving energy and reducing a care homes’ carbon footprint.

Ozone’s natural fragrance also leaves users with fresher-smelling laundry, with the added bonus that items such as towels for residents’ use will come out fluffier and visually cleaner than they would in traditional high temperature wash cycles, when washed with OTEX.