Why choose a commercial laundry detergent dispensing system?

With expertly calibrated automatic chemical dosing, auto dosing laundry detergent gives you the certainty of knowing that the right amount of laundry liquid will be dispensed every time – no more and no less than is needed for the best wash quality. Our detergent pump...

  • Prevents blockages in your machines with accurate laundry auto dosing
  • Removes the wastage that can come from user error or spillages 
  • Accurately, automatically dispenses correct dose of detergent – no mess or wasteful spillage
  • Protects staff – no need to manually handle or pour potentially hazardous substances

Our commercial laundry detergents team will create a custom pump solution for your washers - to meet the specific needs of your site based on water types, fabrics being laundered and typical levels of soiling. Ask about our detergent dosing pump options today.

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Commercial Laundry Detergent Dispenser