Medical Equipment: Sanitisers & Washers

We know that you face some unique challenges in infection control, and in response we’ve created some incredible products that are up to the task. We remove the hassle surrounding medical and sluice room equipment, making it easier to meet regulatory standards, so that you can focus on providing excellent care for your patients and residents. See our full range of medical products, including bedpan washers, medical macerators and sanitisers here.

Bedpan Washers

Our top-loading bedpan washer disinfectors have been designed to offer consistent high performance and hassle-free operation.

Our range can facilitate double and triple loads - saving you time and thermal disinfection helps you achieve National Minimum Care Standards.


A fresh approach to disinfecting and deodorising in commercial and healthcare environments in one easy-to-use system.

JLA’s Sanitiser eliminates harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, Norovirus, E.Coli, Salmonella and C.difficile and neutralises unpleasant odours where filters, ionisers and sprays can only mask them.


JLA’s macerators are a WRAS approved, cost-effective hygienic pulp waste disposal method.

Our range allows you to process single-use bedpans, urine bottles and other items in under a minute - removing the risks of cross-infection associated with carrying waste through communal areas.

Sluice Room Equipment That Helps You Take Control of Infection Control

JLA’s range of medical and sluice room equipment, including bedpan washers, medical macerators and ozone-based room sanitisers, is designed to reduce the risk of cross-infection and improve cleaning regimes in health and social care. Our sluice room equipment has also been developed according to the requirements set out in the National Minimum Care Standards, which helps to aid in compliance with sluice room regulations.

Our bedpan washer-disinfectors reduce the need for hand-sluicing and minimise the risk of cross-infection, while our pulp macerators and incontinence macerators help you reduce the build-up of offensive waste. The end result is a clean, pleasant and hygienic care home, hospital or clinic.

Whether you run a sluice room (often referred to as a dirty utility room) in a care home or a hospital ward, our pulp macerators, incontinence macerators and bedpan washer-disinfectors can help you better guard your staff, patients and residents against the dangers of healthcare-acquired infections.

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