The JLA Sanitiser is a unique, and effective all-in-one deodoriser and disinfectant designed for a range of commercial and healthcare environments.

With a simple-to-use control panel, safety indicators to display when the unit is in use and wheels to allow hassle-free movement from room-to-room, the Sanitiser is extremely user-friendly. All staff need to do is switch it on and leave the room.

Using the natural disinfection properties of Ozone, the system removes bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses from the air and surfaces with none of the damage, smells or harmful chemical residue that can come with using traditional methods - as well as reaching places often too difficult to reach. JLA’s Sanitiser eliminates harmful micro-organisms such as such as MRSA, Norovirus, C.difficile, E. Coli and Salmonella and neutralises unpleasant odours where ionisers, sprays and filters can only mask them.

The all-in-one JLA Sanitiser provides complete peace of mind by ensuring rooms are disinfected with no lingering smells, every time.

JLA Sanitiser
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Discover a fresh approach to disinfecting and deodorising in commercial and healthcare environments

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