The Best Ozone Air Purifier For Commercial Settings

Bring the outdoors indoors with a natural room freshener

Our Ozone Air Purifier has many commercial uses and is suitable for communal areas in care homes, hospitals, universities, schools, hotels, offices, retail, restaurants, pubs, kitchens, gym locker rooms, washrooms, toilets, smoking areas and many more. Whatever your business, the purifier offers reassurance for customers, visitors and staff that you are taking all necessary steps to remove contaminants from the air and improving indoor air quality while they are in your establishment

Due to the low level of ozone created, the communal room is perfectly safe for occupants to be in it so the system can be used at any time.

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Ozone Air Purifier

Advantages of using our Ozone Air Purifier

  • Extremely effective in treating odours in occupied rooms (communal areas only)
  • Continuous dosing as safe for use in occupied communal rooms 
  • Fresh, natural smell - no need for additional fragrance sprays which only mask odours
  • Clean and safe – no dangerous residues left behind
  • Treats contamination from many sources, including odour and bacteria*
  • Easy to install, low maintenance unit
  • Reassurance for your staff and customers 

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Features & Specification

JLA's ozone air purifier is simple in the way it works. The small wall mounted system simply releases a constant flow of O3 gas at safe levels, with ozonated particles breaking down bacteria and cells that cause unpleasant smells - leaving your communal areas smelling ‘open window’ fresh. The machine's features and specs include:

  • Pre-set cycles - alternates automatically between “ozone on” and “ozone off” stages
  • Rooms safe for occupation during use due to the low level of ozone generated (45mg/hr)
  • Fixed to the wall – runs with no disturbance
  • Easy to use controls with simple instructions 
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Dimensions: 240mm x 160mm x 65mm

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*The ozone air purifier shows a reduction in bacteria in the air but this is not substantial enough to achieve full disinfection - for disinfection solutions please see our sanitisers