Disinfection guaranteed on every cycle

OTEX ozone laundry system has recently been proven to remove all traces of Coronavirus in even the largest loads.

Our best-in-class ozone innovation can also eradicate harmful micro-organisms in every wash – and prints a validation receipt to prove disinfection has taken place. And with pre-programmed cycles, it’s impossible for laundry or housekeeping staff to select a programme that will not achieve disinfection.

Because OTEX works at ambient temperatures, it reduces utility costs - using less hot water, gas and electricity compared to traditional thermal laundry systems.

OTEX vs Coronavirus: De Montfort University Study

OZONE Laundry Disinfection

Advantages of using an OTEX ozone washing machine

  • Kills 99.999% of micro-organisms including MRSA, norovirus and C.diff
  • Proven process backed up by extensive scientific research
  • Meets Department of Health HTM01-04 standards
  • Validation receipts after every wash for audit trails and inspections
  • Low temperature washing for reduced utility and operating costs
  • Gently opens fibres – ideal for delicates and towels
  • Designed to work on JLA laundry equipment (can be retro-fitted)
  • Pleasant ‘fresh air’ fragrance from natural ozone process
  • Supported by EU Biocidal Regulations

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How OTEX laundry disinfection works

When injected into a cool water wash cycle through our patented OTEX interfusor, ozone attacks bacteria, spore, virus, yeast and mould cells as it causes an oxidative reaction on contact. Ozone works in ambient water temperatures and opens up the fibres. enhancing the wash process and increasing the efficiency of the final spin.

Kill germs without killing fabric

OTEX also cleans deeper to give optimum wash quality and extend fabric life. Fibres in linens are gently opened during the ozone laundry process, which enables deep cleaning that adds a high wash quality to the core disinfection process.

This leaves users with fresher-smelling laundry, while items such as towels will come out up to 20% fluffier than they would in traditional washing machines.

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OTEX for laundry infection control

Infection control is more important than ever in commercial settings. Installing OTEX into your on-premise laundry room can eradicate cross-contamination, and provide auditable proof that you're following hygiene best practices.

Verified Disinfection in every wash cycle

OTEX meets HTM 01-04 laundry/infection control guidelines with a verified audit trail OTEX is available with a verification unit which monitors the amount of ozone being injected into the wash process and provides a printed ‘receipt’ confirming the cycle has achieved disinfection.

The unit also includes an SD card which allows easy storage and download of all the verification data, captured together with historical ambient ozone levels within the laundry environment for health and safety purposes.

Ozone vs thermal disinfection

Extensive testing has proven that OTEX is more effective than thermal laundry processes. Independent laboratory tests found MRSA to still be very much in evidence following the commonly used 40°C wash programmes, while in contrast OTEX totally eradicated all MRSA presence.

In tests for C.difficile, OTEX left no viable trace of harmful bacteria after two and a half minutes – the same tests using conventional thermal disinfection found a significant level of spores remained after 15 minutes.

OTEX laundry for energy savings

Our revolutionary ozone washing system is green as well as clean.

As the ultimate one-stop laundry solution, it gives businesses a powerful disinfection system that eliminates harmful micro-organisms during a cool wash cycle AND saves money on your utility bills…

Case study: Detergent costs cut by 50% - water and energy costs reduced by over 35%

OTEX has been shown to be an effective method of disinfection including being effective against bacteria such as Clostridium difficile spores. In tests at Southampton Showcase Hospital, the system – using no hot water – saved 36.49% on water, gas and electricity while reducing detergent usage by 50%+.

Who can benefit from OTEX?

  • The care home owner who gets a print-out of the wash process, providing them with the audit trail they need for CQC inspections.
  • The hospital staff who want to be sure that their staff uniforms, towels and microfibre mops are thoroughly disinfected, reducing the transmission risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HCAIs).
  • The vet who needs to be sure that their bedding, blankets and linens are hygienic so that pets are happy and healthy.
  • The spa manager who wants to keep utility costs down while providing clean, soft and fluffy towels and bathrobes to guests.
  • The procurement manager who wants to save money on water and electricity in one of the busiest parts of their organisation.
  • The hotel manager who wants to improve housekeeping hygiene - and get fluffier towels for better reviews

Choosing the right ozone partner

IMPORTANT: Without approval from the Biocidal Products Regulation, ozone laundry systems from other suppliers may not be legal.

JLA is a member of:


When choosing your room disinfection machine, it's vital to remember that Biocidal Products Regulations (EU) 528/2012 dictate that anyone marketing an ozone generator for a biocidal application within the EU must have their product authorised in line with those regulations.

JLA is not only supporting its ozone laundry and sanitiser products through this regulation, but is a key member of the EUOTA Ozone Task Force which has submitted an ozone dossier to meet this requirement. Find out more here.

What our OTEX customers say…

Meet and exceed HTM 01-04 standards

We have noticed a huge difference. It is maintenance free, easy to operate and we have the massive advantage of knowing we are killing superbugs such as MRSA and C.diff in the laundry process.... [read more]

Abbeyfield Perth Society

Meet HACCP requirements and improve hygiene

With OTEX, it’s easy to ensure all relevant HACCP details, COSSH data, Risk Assessments, wash trials and so on are documented... [read more]

Aimia Foods

Prevent healthcare-acquired infections

The OTEX system’s ability to thoroughly disinfect and also reduce costs was a major factor when it came to choosing JLA as our supplier... [read more]

York Hospital

Ensure that robes and towels stay fresh and fluffy

The OTEX system eliminates staining as well as decontaminating the towels, therefore towels do not have to be washed again... [read more]

Stobo Castle

Keep towels and sheets clean and hygienic

Towels smell fresh now and stay fluffy, and OTEX means we can disinfect lots of them at a lower water temperature and make a saving on utilities too... [read more]

Bembridge Coast Hotel

Infection control for veterinary practices

OTEX makes the things we wash look and feel better, particularly our pet beds which are softer and seem to be lasting longer – this is down to the low-temperature ozone process, which opens up the pile to make the beds fluffier... [read more]

Oathall Veterinary Group

Watch: Southampton FC Testimonial

Learn how JLA's ozone system is providing peace of mind in the Premier League.

Mark Forbes, Kit & Equipment Manager at Southampton Football Club, explains how JLA's Total Care solution has revolutionised the way this Premier League club deals with their laundry.

OTEX for sports clubs

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