Our ozone disinfection units

Compact Sanitiser

Ideal for rooms up to 200m3

Our most popular ozone disinfection unit (exclusive to JLA), the Compact Sanitiser is ideal for wheeling from room-to-room to deep clean air and surfaces on your disinfection rounds - targeting areas conventional cleaning methods alone can't reach.

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Introducing the JLA Compact Sanitiser

Introducing the JLA Cube Sanitiser

Cube Sanitiser

Ideal for rooms up to 150m3

Our handheld Cube sanitiser is lightweight and perfect for moving from room to room, with simple controls and pre-programmed cycles designed for hassle-free ‘plug-and-play’ use across your premise – it can also be remote-controlled via our app.

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Benefits of JLA ozone sanitising machines

Using the natural disinfection properties of ozone, both our Compact and Cube sanitising machines remove unwanted bacteria from air and surfaces with none of the harmful chemical residue that can come with using traditional methods.

  • Destroy bacteria – efficient infection prevention
  • Remove odours – leaving the fresh, smell of ozone
  • Clean and safe – no dangerous chemical residues
  • Short cycle times – quick turnaround of rooms
  • Portable machines – easy to move from room-to-room
  • Easy to use – pre-programmed room settings
  • Robust – sturdy design for reliable long-term use
  • Cost-efficient – no consumable/refill costs
  • Go/No-go indicator – confirms when the room is safe to re-enter
  • Thorough – reach areas routine cleaning can't


Compact Sanitiser Cube Sanitiser
Input Voltage 230V; 50Hz; 13A 240V; 50/60Hz
Air Flow-Rate 450 m3/hr Ozone Generation
349m3/hr Ozone Destruct
400 m3/hr Ozone Generation
349m3/hr Ozone Destruct
Ozone Output 10g/h 8g/h
Operation Fully automatic activation deactivation cycles Fully automatic activation deactivation cycles
Cycle Times Small Room - 45 mins
Large Room - 3 hrs
Boost option (this will increase the quoted times)
Small Room - 45 mins (96 mins with boost)
Medium Room - 2 hrs (4 hrs 30 mins with boost)
Large Room - 3 hrs (7 hrs with boost)
Control HMI board / push button control Manual mode on machine / Wi-Fi App
Display LED indicators LED indicators
Safety Fuse 5A
Green LED - remote indicator for cycle complete
Red LED - power on remote indicator
Unit operations ‘do not enter’
Circuit breaker 5A
Green LED - power on & cycle complete
Red LED - ozone generation & destruct in operation
Differential Pressure Regulator (air flow obstructed)
Door interlock (front panel not closed)
Dimensions 82 cm (H) x 29 cm(W) x 54 (L) 29 cm (H) x 29 cm(W) x 29.5cm
Including handle
Weight 17 kg 8.5kg
Sound Low EM noise Low EM noise
Wheels Yes No
Handle Yes No
Certification CE Compliance with BS/EN 60335

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Benefits of a Total Care laundry subscription

  • New equipment for no capital outlay
  • Free delivery & installation
  • ‘Get Started’ machine demo included
  • 7-day breakdown cover included
  • Engineer onsite within 8 working hours
  • Free 24/7 support helpline

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Keeping your information safe >

When choosing your room disinfection machine, it's vital to remember that Biocidal Products Regulations (EU) 528/2012 dictate that anyone marketing an ozone generator for a biocidal application within the EU must have their product authorised in line with those regulations. JLA is a member of the EUOTA Ozone Task Force which has submitted an ozone dossier to meet this requirement. Find out more.