Explore the science behind the development of the OTEX ozone disinfection system and understand what makes it so revolutionary.

Otex Disinfection Explained

OTEX provides fantastic peace of mind for laundry room staff across the UK, but just how does it work? 

Ozone, a gas, is produced when oxygen molecules are split into single oxygen atoms, and then reformed via the corona discharge to create an ozone molecule, which consists of three oxygen atoms.

When injected into a cool water wash cycle through our patented interfusor, ozone attacks and damages the cell membranes of bacteria, spores, viruses, yeasts and moulds by causing an oxidative reaction on contact. As they can no longer hold their original shape, the cell or micro-organism dies or is destroyed. This process is sometimes referred to as lysis.

During the OTEX disinfection process, ozone gas is continuously generated and injected into the machine drum throughout the wash cycle. Afterwards, ozone quickly breaks down into harmless oxygen molecules and is washed away.

The OTEX Process

  • Air preparation

Oxygen is collected from the air and concentrated in situ to begin the OTEX process. Using a variety of filters to remove other elements such as nitrogen and hydrogen, the unit can produce 85% oxygen or greater – the more oxygen collected, the better the ozone yield will be.

  • Ozone production

A corona discharge unit is used, sending a high-voltage current through the oxygen to split the molecules into individual atoms, which then reform into ozone gas.

  • Ozone delivery

The ozone is injected into the machine drum through our patented interfusor, generating bubbles which deliver the gas into the wash cycle. The ozone is continuously carried into the washer until
the second-to-last rinse.

Meet and Exceed Regulatory Standards with OTEX

OTEX is designed to aid compliance with a number of different regulations, including HTM 01-04 and HACCP reporting. It makes auditing and compliance easy, as it thoroughly disinfects soiled laundry.

 Every OTEX system is supplied with a room monitor as standard. For those requiring verification – a combined validation unit incorporating a room monitor and verification system with data logging is provided with optional printer.

A Natural, Cost-Effective Solution

With OTEX, you’ll get clean, hygienic linen that lasts longer, as you won’t be running hot temperatures that destroy fibres and cut short the life of your towels, sheets and other items. With no need for hot water, you can run cool wash cycles and still be confident that your laundry has been completely disinfected.

OTEX Resources

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