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We offer WRAS-approved professional washers and tumble dryers that are the same size as domestic models, which can then be stacked to save even more space in your busy premises. Our OTEX Energy system, along with our emulsifiers and detergents, helps keep your towels soft, hygienic and appealing. We can help you develop a complete solution, such as a towel laundry, that works best for you and provides both cost savings and quality.

If you offer refreshments to guests, you’ll need a sturdy dishwasher that can handle multiple loads of glasses, mugs and other crockery on a daily basis. A domestic machine won’t be up to the task, but our dishwashers and glasswashers will be, removing stains and smudges with ease.

You might be worried about the cost of running professional equipment – that’s why we offer our Total Care package, which covers machines and unrivalled breakdown cover for no capital outlay and easy monthly payments.

Whether you’re doing manicures, trimming hair or adding highlights, let us lighten the load of running a beauty business. We’ll provide a complete on-site laundry and dishwashing set-up that will let you get on with serving customers instead of worrying about the work piling up in the back room.


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Get market-leading equipment for no upfront investment and with fully inclusive breakdown cover.

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8 working hours engineer response

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7 day all-inclusive cover

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No repair bills... ever