Canopy Inspections and Extractor Cleaning

It's business critical that your commercial kitchen canopy and extractor unit meet fire safety and HVCA TR19 standards. To ensure you stay compliant, schedule an inspection and clean from JLA.

Your canopy and extractor work hard to remove heat, fumes and particles from your kitchen – are you caring for them properly? According to regulatory standards, they must be cleaned on a consistent schedule to prevent the build-up of dangerous, unhygienic grease and minimise the risk of fires.

Insurance companies will also insist on evidence of regular extractor cleaning should you need to make a claim later on, or else they may dispute it or even cancel your policy. 

Protect Your Business – Schedule an Inspection

Our engineers can inspect, clean and service all parts of your canopy, from the grease filter to the extractor fan and beyond. Once that’s done, they’ll move onto the extractor, the access panels and your filters, performing a visual inspection before moving on to deep cleaning and servicing.

You’ll receive a certificate stating that your kitchen now meets HVCA TR19 standards. You can then provide your insurance company with evidence of this certificate to show that you have met these standards and have satisfied the terms and conditions of the policy, and are also in line with fire safety standards.

We can help you fulfil your fire safety obligations with no hassle or fuss on your part. Call us today to schedule an extractor clean for your commercial kitchen.