Six-Figure Detergent Savings for National Care Group

With so many pressures on national care organisations to improve standards and add value to their business while cutting costs, it can be difficult to keep track of some ‘behind-the-scenes’ aspects of running multiple sites, such as laundry detergent usage. But neglecting some of what may be perceived as smaller housekeeping considerations can have a big impact on the bottom line over time.
In a recent review of laundry detergents usage within a national care group of 40 homes, JLA was able to propose solutions that will save the group over £100,000 against its current costs. This is a saving that could have been overlooked had the organisation not asked JLA for help – over the years, processes can move onto ‘auto-pilot’ and small changes that seem trivial at the time can add up to unnecessary over-spending. If in doubt, always make time to reflect on the way you work with expert support – it could save you thousands of pounds.

"For complete peace of mind, take equipment, services and detergents from a single supplier – who can check machines, ensure correct dosing, and verify your overall laundry process to meet HTM01-04 (formerly CFPP01-04) guidelines."

David Wheatcroft, National Groups Director, JLA
When was the last time you reviewed your detergent usage?
If the answer is ‘not in the last 12 months’, then there is a risk of standards slipping, costs increasing, wash quality suffering, equipment failing and other issues – such as health and safety breaches that could cost you dearly.The control of detergent usage and spend can be compounded by inconsistency of approach to laundry across different sites, with each home having different dosing level requirements, cycle options and operational procedures.
Common issues identified

• Over-dosing of detergents
• Incorrect dosing on each cycle
• Inconsistent usage requirements across a group
• Pumps leaking or not working
• Mismanaged stock levels
• Poor signage and Health & Safety information
If you have concerns about your operations, or would like the peace of mind of a hassle and obligation free review of your detergent processes and costs, contact JLA.

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