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Once known purely as a laundry equipment supplier, JLA has evolved into a diverse commercial partner that can offer solutions right across a care organisation – from washers, dryers and professional detergents to dishwashers and sluice room units.

In over two decades as a customer, The Royal Leamington Spa Nursing Home has benefited from all of the above, and now acknowledges JLA as its sole partner of choice when it comes to critical operations. As Susan highlights, everything the home needs is taken care of…

On laundry…

“The commercial washers and dryers we have from JLA are extremely reliable, and we also have auto-dosing pumps as part of our agreement. That saves our laundry staff lots of time and the business has saved money too by reducing waste, and there’s no messing around in terms of carrying or re-filling liquids. Our laundry smells fresh, we don’t ever see stains and it’s just a hassle-free process all round.”

On sluice room infection control…

“The bedpan washers JLA installed are perfect for meeting our infection control responsibilities. We had an outbreak recently and I was told it would have been much more widespread and harder to contain without our automatic disinfection machines.They’ve also saved us valuable time as our staff used to wash bedpans manually. The automatic bedpan washer disinfectors are much more hygienic, utensils come out much cleaner and it’s obviously much more pleasant for our nurses to simply load a machine and start a cycle, so they absolutely love the machines.”

On dishwashers…

“Our dishwasher copes with everyday demand no problem, and being able to easily wash lots of items at once means we can spend more time with our residents instead of being in the kitchen for hours after mealtimes. It’s also reassuring to have commercial dishwashing equipment that we know is as robust as our laundry machines – being that it’s from the same company we’ve trusted to supply our washers and dryers for so long.”

On one-stop convenience…

“It’s nice to have all our major commercial equipment under one umbrella – it makes life easier for me and if we have any problems we can just call JLA direct, night or day. When we’ve needed help, their engineers have been brilliant. They always announce their arrival,they’re always polite and they never quibble.We’re very, very happy with JLA, and will always go straight back to them if we need more equipment in the future.”


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