Hotel checks in with JLA for laundry cost savings

Shirley Trinder is a managing partner at The Grand Hotel, and is benefiting from superior linen quality and cost savings havingswitched from outsourced laundry to in-house washing.

Balancing the books can be a tough challenge for hotels. However, in an industry that relies on word-of-mouth referrals and reputation, reducing costs cannot be done at the expense of towel,sheet and general linen quality. Here, Shirley explains how the hotel achieves both.

“We used to outsource our laundry, and it was very expensive even though the quality wasn’t great.We tried every company we could find, but the washing always came back stained, damaged or creased – and we never seemed to have enough.We therefore decided to bring everything in-house and do the laundry ourselves. We haven’t looked back since.

We wanted our beds to look better, and we obviously go through lots of towels which need to be of a good quality if we are to give guests a good experience. Now that we do everything here using JLA commercial laundry machines, all our 21 bedrooms have the quality and quantity we want them to have.”

A big part of the convenience Shirley and her team enjoy lies in buying professional detergents from the same supplier as their tumble dryers.

“The JLA Clean detergents are all very efficient, and it makes life easy for us to get everything from JLA. We’re seeing better cleaning results than any outside laundry ever gave us too. The detergent performs well, we use a destainer for that extra ‘boost’, and the fabric conditioner makes everything smell very fresh which is a must in a hotel!”

With auto-dosing pumps, The Grand has no worries in terms of having to store bottles, handle chemicals or measure detergents correctly. The precise amount required for a particular programme is automatically fed into the drum during each wash,eliminating user-error and preventing over-use.“Auto-dosing is great, all we have to do is start a cycle. Any of my staff can wash a load with no fuss.”

With a full on-premise laundry meeting all the hotel’s requirements, Shirley has no regrets about moving her process in-house.

“We’re very happy with JLA’s equipment and I’d certainly recommend them to other hotels,especially if they are having problems with outsourcing their laundry – they’ve saved us an awful lot of money!”

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