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OTEXA BBC news report has warned that with water shortages on the rise around the world, businesses with a heavy laundry requirement will be put under increasing pressure to reduce consumption of this valuable resource and minimise the environmental impact.

From hospitality and healthcare, to social care and education, there are many sectors that are dependent on frequent commercial laundry processing to not only keep their businesses running smoothly, but also comply with legislation imposed by the government and other regulatory authorities. All of these businesses must now look for ways to make their water usage more efficient.

With many decades of experience, JLA is committed to innovation in the industry in order to meet its customers’ evolving needs; with environmental concerns a key focus.

It’s these focus areas that led JLA to develop OTEX, which in addition to its primary purpose providing complete disinfection for laundry items, uses considerably less water on every wash cycle. It also enables the use of cold water in the wash process meaning a far more environmentally friendly system overall.

By using OTEX, business owners can reduce their carbon footprint as well as cutting their utility bills, all while ensuring they are putting effective methods in place to protect water resources.

OTEX works by harnessing the natural yet powerful disinfection properties of ozone to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria including harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA and C.Diff in cool temperature settings, yet doesn’t harm the environment or the public water supply – it has a very short half-life and breaks down into oxygen once its job is done.

These benefits make OTEX a popular choice for many hospitals and care homes in particular, around the UK, and has seen it awarded a Department of Health RRP1 recommendation, with the Rapid Review Panel stating that ‘evidence shows that it is more effective than current laundry systems’.

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