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Onwards and Upwards with JLA Stacked Systems

Traditionally, the retail coin-operated market wanted machines that were quick, easy to install, simple to use and reliable. Over the past 30 years, JLA’s D-series machines have answered this brief perfectly, and continue to be the ‘go-to’ solution for launderettes across the country.

But while the D-Series has reduced energy consumption to an impressive degree for many – particularly those who have replaced costly-to-run machines such as the Loadstar – a move up to the next level of energy-efficiency is now necessary for those still using older equipment. As gas and electricity prices soar, the need to save energy is more pressing than ever, and the dryer selection process has become more…well, selective.

Almost a decade ago, JLA made a bold foray into energy-efficient drying with its T-series. Since then, the supplier’s technicians, consultants and engineers have continuously enhanced the range to achieve an even greater level of performance, with axial air flow, sealed drums, dual glass doors and self-cleaning lint fans all now combining to drive utility bills down.

But, putting the ‘nuts and bolts’ technical innovations aside for a moment, the biggest advancement in JLA’s armoury is arguably the large drum capacity on offer in its D4545 – a 2x45lb stacked system that simply offers more load capacity than traditional alternatives. It may not be a ‘wow-factor’ development, but offering larger drums in stacks is a ‘common-sense’ advancement that surprisingly few suppliers have pursued. And as anyone who has dealt with the firm knows, JLA has always placed more importance on the benefits of its machines to customers than on their bells and whistles features.

Over the company’s 40-year history, the last 5 have seen the biggest and most rapid shift in customer behaviour. People have less time to wash and dry clothes worn by their growing families. And of course, the not-so-great British weather makes it somewhat difficult to hang our loads out to dry. However, dryer technology has not moved with the times. While washers have grown from 16lb to 50lb, dryers have remained at the smaller end of the scale. Such a shift in demand literally represents a huge opportunity for launderettes, and makes the availability of the D4545 stack all the more timely.

JLA’s latest stack system offers a quick win for launderettes, who can now dry more items in the same amount of time, and in the same amount of space. What’s more, its machines offer the added benefit of saving typically 30% on machine running costs in the longer term – too big a saving to ignore for launderettes looking to buck the trends of recession. Larger drums in stacks make it possible to get through even more service washes, take on more contract work and really get the most out of the space at their disposal, without having to alter layouts.

JLA’s commitment to development is ever-present but under-stated. Unlike many who concentrate on more superficial innovations, it favours good, old-fashioned profit-boosting design that puts need ahead of novelty.


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