Total Care in Action at Sue Ryder - The Chantry

Kevin Whomes is Business Manager at The Chantry, a long-term residential care home for people with complex neurological conditions and physical disabilities. The Grade II listed mansion houses 30 patients, and hygiene is a top priority for residents and staff.

Laundry at The Chantry was initially outsourced to a well-known linen hire company. Over the years the management found that although costs continued to rise, the quality of their laundry was declining, with items being returned damaged or simply not clean. 

Following a recommendation from another care home, Kevin met with a JLA representative who assessed the current situation and explained the various options available.  By choosing to sign up to JLA’s unique Total Care package, The Chantry was able to take advantage of the latest laundry equipment, supported by JLA’s team of expert engineers, with no upfront costs.

While discussing the laundry requirements, it quickly became clear that the OTEX ozone disinfection system would be a major benefit. Key to the requirements was the need to validate washes for infection control purposes, to comply with CFPP regulations by having an accurate and reliable audit trail.

Kevin says:  

Unbeknown to us at the time, water hardness in our area was causing problems with the quality of our washes.   JLA addressed the issue, sending an engineer out who quickly diagnosed the problem and installed a water softener.  We are now at the stage where we are very happy with the quality of our laundry, and doing very few re-washes.

When we stopped outsourcing our laundry we purchased a large quantity of our own sheets and towels, thinking they would wear out quickly. Because the OTEX system uses no harsh chemicals or high temperatures to clean and disinfect, we have found that our linen has lasted much longer than we imagined it would and lead to good cost savings - an unanticipated but welcome benefit.”

Contact one of JLA’s laundry experts to discuss how you could save money and benefit from unrivalled engineer support with our unique Total Care package.

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