Limetree Residential Home

The Limetree Residential Home, in Dundonald near Belfast, provides nursing care and support for up to 44 people. In addition to JLA’s washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers, the home also has two Sanitisers, which have completely transformed the way the staff members carry out their cleaning regime.

“Before we got the Sanitisers, we just used regular cleaning chemicals, washing everything down in the morning, from handrails to doorknobs,” explains Sandra Nixon, the home's manager. “Now, the Sanitiser has made our cleaning regime easier because it can clean hard-to-reach places. We even use it for the curtains in the rooms. It gives us real peace of mind.”

“We have a system in place for infection prevention,” continues Sandra, “and the Sanitiser is perfect for that. We use the Sanitiser in every room at least once a fortnight from the lounge to the residents’ rooms – it is easy for one person to manoeuvre around the building.”

Sandra isn’t the only one who’s noticed the difference that the Sanitisers have made: “RQIA [the care inspectorate for Northern Ireland] noted the cleanliness and fresh smell of the home in their reports. They’re clearly impressed with the standard of cleanliness the Sanitiser has helped us to achieve.”

Because the Sanitisers at the Limetree Nursing Home are covered by JLA’s unique Total Care service package, Sandra never needs to worry about a breakdown interrupting her cleaning routine and impacting the standards in her home: “All I need to do is ring JLA, and they can get an engineer to come out to us within the day. Other homes would often be in a position where they need to make other arrangements and pay extra to have their equipment fixed, but we don’t. It takes the responsibility off me so that I can focus on caring for the residents,” she says.

Sandra “wouldn’t hesitate” to endorse JLA’s equipment and services to other care providers in Northern Ireland – and in fact, she’s been approached by other care home managers who want to learn more about what JLA has to offer: “I was more than happy to recommend JLA to them,” she says.

- Sandra Nixon, Limetree Residential Home


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