The White Horse Hotel


David and Joses Bate own and run the White Horse Hotel in Ripon, and were so impressed with JLA’s laundry services that he chose them for the supply and servicing of his new dishwasher too.

JLA has supplied and serviced the North Yorkshire hotel’s on-site laundry equipment since 2003, and has provided long-term reassurance thanks to its Total Care package. So much so, that when the hotel started to offer a breakfast service, JLA’s dishwasher proposition was the obvious choice for David:

“For a short time, we washed everything up by hand. But when JLA mentioned its dishwashers to me, I didn’t take much persuading – I’d much rather be spending time with guests and serving their breakfast than washing up!”

Using a commercial dishwasher is proving very cost-efficient for David. There was no need for any upfront investment with JLA, and having a constantly available machine is perfect for the peaks and troughs of the hospitality market.

Joses added:“Having a dishwasher here means we don’t have to pay staff to wash up for us, only to have them standing idle if we have a quiet morning."

In terms of installation, the JLA engineers lived up to David’s expectations, having earned his praise when installing his laundry machines initially.

“The team were as professional and polite as ever, and had the dishwasher ready to go in no time just like they did with my washing machines. I’ve had no problems since the engineers delivered my equipment, but I know that with Total Care they’ll be back with me very quickly if I ever do.”

- David and Joses Bate, The White Horse Hotel in Ripon


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