Heyside Farm and Stables


John and Clare Whitaker own and manage Heyside Farm & Stables, where equestrian laundry presents large-scale challenges.

Heyside Farm has been the base for international show jumper John Whitaker MBE and his wife Clare for over 30 years. In that time, the farm has grown to hold 40 stables, and they have relied on heavy-duty laundry solutions from JLA to keep up with daily demands of caring for both competition horses and stallions at stud. As Clare explains:

“JLA’s Total Care package meant we didn’t have to find a large amount of capital to pay for machines upfront, which allowed us to invest in other areas and improve the facilities we offer on the farm.

Their washers and dryers have since helped us manage an ever-increasing volume of laundry here at Heyside. We wash dozens of rugs, horse blankets and other large items on a daily basis, so the excellent holding capacity of the equipment we have from JLA is critical to the smooth running of the stables – as is the response they provide if a machine breaks down.”

Renowned for their equestrian facilities, and having earned a reputation for first class service of their own, Clare and John have high standards when it comes to customer service. Impressed by JLA’s ongoing support, Clare continues:

“We know that someone will be on site to fix a fault quickly, 7 days a week. It means we never have a major backlog of laundry, and we can be sure that our horses won’t run out of clean items…which is vital in maintaining our professional image.”

- John and Claire Whitaker, Heyside Farm and Stables 


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