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Oathall Veterinary Group

"We wanted to guard against the risk of cross-infection ourselves, in-house, with particular focus on MRSA and Parvovirus which are highly contagious. We have on average a 10-cage occupancy during the day and often have 5 or 6 animals staying with us overnight, so there is a lot of bedding in use and the potential for disease transmission is high.

We wanted to eliminate that risk, and have the peace of mind that towels, surgical garments and bedding would be decontaminated as well as cleaned. Since installing OTEX, we’ve had no infection problems at all, which has vindicated our decision.

OTEX makes the things we wash look and feel better, particularly our pet beds which are softer and seem to be lasting longer – I’m told this is down to the low-temperature ozone process, which opens up the pile to make the beds fluffier.

We work 7 days a week and run a 24hr emergency service too. That results in a large amount of laundry and several loads per day, so going without a means of cleaning and disinfecting our linen would be a big problem – we’d soon run out. JLA also offer support 24/7, so we can log a fault day or night which speeds up the fix."

- Graham de Baerdemaecker, Senior Partner at the Oathall Veterinary Group


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