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Why summer is the best time for a commercial boiler replacement

While it may be counter-intuitive during warmer weather, now is the perfect time to get ahead of the annual rush and consider a boiler upgrade to make sure your business' heating system is ready for when the cold comes back to bite in autumn - especially if your system has been out of action during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The sunny months provide the ideal opportunity to upgrade or replace your commercial heating equipment, or book a new boiler installation, and make sure your heating is ship-shape for the autumn/winter period, when any loss in heating or hot water can cause major disruption.

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Engineers and installers tend to be less busy at this time of year, because fewer premises will be using their central heating, so any problems remain 'hidden'. That means you're more likely to secure an appointment quickly to explore your options for boiler replacement - and you'll have more time to look into a new boiler cost as well as getting a new heating system properly designed and installed.

Once autumn returns, many businesses will be turning on their heating for the first time in months – only to find that there are problems with their boiler, so demand for engineer appointments will significantly rise.

If your boiler is older, it’s probably not as efficient as it could be, which means that you could be paying more than you need to for your energy when you turn it on in winter. Boiler efficiency has improved considerably in the last decade, and upgrading your heating system now could see you make huge savings. For example, replacing your boiler with a condensing model that has a gross energy efficiency level of 98% could significantly reduce your winter outgoings.

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How do I know if I need a new boiler?

Over the winter, and even in spring as you started to wind down your heating use, you may have encountered some issues with your boiler. Summer provides a great opportunity to deal with problems you might have been putting off, so a service visit is highly recommeded to confirm whether you need a fix or full replacement. While many things can be resolved easily, it's likely that you need to consider a boiler upgrade if:

  • Breakdowns are becoming frequent and costly

  • You have difficulty maintaining a consistent flow of hot water

  • It's hard to achieve the right temperature in each room

  • Radiators take longer to heat up than they used to

  • The boiler is producing strange noises or unpleasant odours

  • Energy bills are suddenly rising each month 

  • Leaks are happening regularly

  • ​​You still have a pilot light (this indicates an old and potentially inefficient model)

Reasons for a boiler upgrade

Who can install a Commercial Boiler?

Always ask a Gas Safe registered Commercial Gas Engineer to carry out a commercial boiler replacement. A highly skilled commercial gas engineer from JLA will ensure check components during installation, ensure health and safety checks are done to make sure everything is compliant.

With a Total Care subscription, delivery and installation is free - find out more here.

How long does commercial boiler replacement take?

Replacing a wall hung or floor standing boiler can take up to two days generally speaking. Two days can feel like a long time in winter with no hot water or heating, but you can avoid this by scheduling any work in over the warmer months. At JLA, we'll design your system based on your specific needs and the specific challenges you face, and we'll plan installation to keep disruption to a minimum.

At JLA we can help you review your heating and hot water systems - whether you need a full replacement for no capital outlay, or simply a better servicing plan. Contact us today for boiler prices and to learn more about the best boilers (wall hung and floor standing) we offer for your business, as well as our range of robust hot water cylinders.


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Total Care subscription

All JLA's commercial heating units are available with Total Care - our all-inclusive service subscription.

This unique plan gives you the brand new HVAC appliances you need for no capital outlay and protects you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns.

Benefits of a Total Care HVAC subscription

  • New HVAC for no capital outlay
  • Free system design consultancy 
  • Free installation of all units
  • Remote diagnostics 
  • Guaranteed 4hr response 
  • Free 24/7 helpline 
  • Annual service
  • Annual Gas Safety check
  • Temporary replacement heating in emergencies if required

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