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How To Manage A Laundry Business: Getting Started

From having a clear offering to ensuring you have the right equipment for the job, there's lots to think about when working out how to manage a laundry business. If you’re thinking of setting up your own laundry service, here are some key points to consider before you jump in. 

Do Your Homework

Like setting up any business, it’s important to have a plan for a service laundry. This should cover how you envisage your laundry business will look, and you'll need to do plenty of research to see what you'll be competing with, and what your potential customers want.. Explore location options and find out who your target market is...then listen to theire needs before deciding on a plan of action - and which services you would like to offer.

Are you going to offer a press folding service as part of the laundry process? Will you provide a pick-up and delivery service? You’re more likely to attract business if you’re offering something extra that competitors don’t do, such as specialist cleaning. So, if you’re skilled in washing chemical stains or grease, you could have found your niche. 

Sell Your Vision

When you have your offering covered, you can think about how to pitch your services to your target market. If you’re selling commercial laundry solutions to a hotel chain, for example, make sure you know what hotels require and explain how you can meet demand. Showing you know how they operate and what they need can only work in your favour. 

Be Well-Equipped 

Commercial laundry equipment is an essential investment. Choosing the right machine for the job from the beginning means you can concentrate on delivering a first-class service.

Research the settings and functions on the different commercial washers and dryers to find the one that suits your business. Whether you need something small-scale or industrial, the wash and dry cycles available can enhance your business.  

Plan for Everything

Once you’ve selected the machines that suit your business, make a note to regularly maintain them. However, even the highest-quality, most well-maintained washer can break down, so knowing the expiry dates for any warranties can come in handy. To make sure you have peace of mind, look out for services that help if something breaks. For example, by signing up for Total Care for Laundry, our pay-per-month scheme, you can make sure your laundry business continues to run smoothly even when your washers need a repair. 

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Services like Total Care mean that everything from arranging the engineer to payment for repairs and call-out is covered in the monthly payments, so you can have your machine up-and-running again in no time.

Before you start a laundry business or make any changes to an established one, always ask an expert who can advise on layouts, workflows, regulations and maintenance. Our team can help you make informed choices, and find the best kit for your specific needs.


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