Commercial convection ovens

The best small convection oven for commercial kitchens

Commercial convection ovens, sometimes referred to as fan-assisted ovens, are a ‘standalone’, compact solution to help you cook faster, cook more evenly, and cook with less energy in your professional kitchen. 

Through the use of fans, hot air is circulated evenly around the oven chamber, giving you consistently high-quality dishes in large volumes. Built to last, and with high-performance front-of-mind, convection ovens can offer years of hassle-free cooking for any commercial kitchen.

All JLA ovens are available with 'Total Care' - giving you brand new appliances for no capital outlay and protecting you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns.

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Commercial convection ovens

What is a convection oven?

A convection uses a fan and exhaust process, unlike a conventional oven. Hot air is blown over and around food in the chamber, then pulled out through vents. In the same way that a chilly breeze makes you feel colder quicker, this hot air circulation will speed up cooking times with more even cooking than traditional cookers, which heat up more at the top.

Commercial convection ovens are suitable for any commercial catering premises, but they are best used for browning, roasting, baking pies and pastries, and toasting. The drier environment will give you crispy skin, and caramelised edges to make your dishes look as good as they’ll taste, making them a particularly popular choice for those serving carveries.

The advantages of a convection oven

Convection ovens speed up service

Speed up the service

Thanks to their shorter cooking times (cooking around 25% faster than traditional ovens), convection ovens don't tend to dry food out as much as conventional ovens might - and nutritional value shrinks less as a result too.

Meats in particular will have less chance to shrink and dry out, meaning that customers will not only get the portion they paid for, but chefs won’t have to ‘over-slice’ to compensate for shrinkage, and eat into your profit margins.

Enjoy a delicious helping of consistency 

In conventional ovens, the heat will rise to the top of the cavity, which can lead to burning (and often undercooking the middle or the base) of foods like puddings and pastries. Using convection hot air circulation, you can be sure that everything in the chamber will be evenly cooked, reducing wastage while ensuring every resident or customer is served the same high standard of food every mealtime.

With even fan-assisted convection baking, there’ll be no more burnt biscuits on the top shelf while the bottom shelf batch stays soft and dough-y.

Even cooking with convection ovens

Chop your energy bills by up to 20% per month*

Cooking more food in a shorter time– around 25% faster than traditional ovens – will help reduce your business’s gas or electricity usage. Thanks to their optimum airflow, convection ovens require less heat than you might need in a different type of cooker too, which makes them an extremely efficient choice for the planet as well as your bottom line.

*Source: Study by the US Department of Energy – comparison with a standard oven

Slice waiting times for residents or customers

Commercial convection ovens are, by their nature, much more powerful than their domestic ‘home kitchen’ cousins – designed to cook faster and help you send more meals through your pass to maximise revenue, without compromising on quality. With shorter waiting times, this type of oven has a direct impact on customer satisfaction – as well as those all-important reviews if you’re running a hotel or restaurant kitchen.

Best for browning: because hot air passes over the top of your food, it turns roasts and bakes a toasty brown in less time than different types of oven might.

Convection ovens turns roasts and bakes a toasty brown
Convection ovens mean meats have less chance to shrink and dry-out

Don’t shell out for shrinkage

With shorter cooking times, convection ovens prevent drying-out - and therefore minimise shrinkage of foods that contain moisture. This also means that nutrients and flavours stay 'locked in' to keep the quality of your dishes high. 

Meats in particular have less chance to shrink and dry-out, so you won’t have to ‘over-slice’ to compensate for shrinkage and eat into your margins. Customers get the portion they pay for, and residents get the catering service they want too.

commercial convection ovens

The JLA CO13A Convection Oven

A convenient option for catering establishments of all sizes – from bustling staff canteens to high street cafés. Our stand-alone convection oven can help anyone produce top quality food consistently, on a larger scale.

  • 13 amp 'plug and play' set-up
  • Perfect for smaller kitchens
  • 3 by 1/1 GN capacity

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When to use a convection oven

Best for: roasting, or baking pies and pastries.

Convection ovens are ideal for roasting. Meats and vegetables cook faster, more evenly, and even air circulation will give you crispy skin and caramelised edges to make dishes look ultra-professional. 

When not to use a convection oven

Not-so-good for: cakes, some types of breads, soufflés.

If you try to bake cakes in a convection oven, you'll find that they will be raw in the middle and only cooked on the outside. Convection ovens can also change textures, so things like quick breads are also a no-go.

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Commercial Convection Oven FAQs

Does a convection oven cook faster?

Yes, a convection cooks faster thanks to a built-in fan at the back of its chamber, which blows hot air inside the oven while it is in operation. As a result, it creates quicker, more evenly spread heating than a conventional oven would, which in turn reduces overall cooking time and produces great results at the end of each and every use.

How do you bake in a convection oven?

Whilst some baking is possible in a convection oven, it isn’t always the best option. Because of the fast-working nature of fan ovens, this can mean that the likes of a cake can be cooked on the outside before the inside has had a chance to warm through. The required moisture retention of baking is hard to accomplish in this environment, and fan-assisted cookers can sometimes change the texture of food, leaving quick breads, cake and sponges better suited to alternative ovens, particularly for businesses where consistency is needed bake after bake.

What is the difference between a convection and a traditional oven?

In traditional ovens, internal heat rises from bottom to top shelf meaning that temperatures can vary depending on where you place your food, resulting in both burned and undercooked meals, depending on shelf placement. Convection ovens on the other hand, use fans to help distribute heat evenly throughout the oven chamber, helping to cook food steadily and at a consistent pace. 

Do professional chefs use convection ovens?

Yes, many professional chefs use a convection oven in their kitchen, but may not necessarily use it across everything on the menu. Commercial convection ovens are particularly useful for cooking food fast and evenly, and because of this ability to cook in a shorter time - around 25% faster than traditional ovens in fact* – this can be particularly beneficial in reducing the gas or electricity usage of a professional kitchen.

*Source: Study by the US Department of Energy – comparison with a standard oven

What is the best commercial convection oven?

Commercial convection ovens are, by their nature, far much more powerful than their domestic counterparts but finding the right one for your business can be down to what you’ll be cooking, oven capacity required, and the location you have available for its placement. Many professional chefs in busy restaurants for example, choose a convection oven as complementary to a range oven, so choosing a compact model which can meet the demands of your output as well as being accessible to your workstation is a key consideration. 

When it comes to power source, many commercial fan ovens are powered by a simple 13A plug, making them a top choice of mobile caterers, whereas other models may require hardwiring.