Commercial ice machine

The ultimate ice maker for bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels

Our 'perfect cube' Gourmet ice machine will keep your customers’ drinks cool and can also be used in back-of-house settings. Capable of generating between 39 and 74kg of ice each day, you’ll never run out of clear, pure ice cubes to use in drinks at your restaurant, cafe, hotel or bar. If you’re looking for Gourmet cubes, look no further than JLA.

All JLA ice machines are available with 'Total Care' - giving you brand new appliances for no capital outlay and protecting you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns.

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Commercial ice machine

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24kg Gourmet Ice Machine

24kg Gourmet Ice Machine

  • Makes up to 24kg of ice per day
  • 9kg ice storage
  • Creates clear, high-quality ice

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39kg Gourmet Ice Machine

39kg Gourmet Ice Machine

  • Makes up to 39kg of ice per day
  • Stores 19kg of ice at any one time
  • Creates clear, high-quality ice

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74kg Gourmet Ice Machine

74kg Gourmet Ice Machine

  • Makes up to 74kg of ice per day
  • 39kg of stored ice at any one time
  • Creates clear, high-quality ice

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Benefits of a commercial ice machine

  • Ideal for bar and pub serving areas - especially those with cocktail menus
  • Great for communal areas in residential or hospitality settings
  • Produce 24kg, 39kg or 74kg of clear, slow-melting 'gourmet' ice per day 
  • Stainless steel unit design for long lifespan and professional appearance
  • Ice maker storage bins of 9kg, 19kg or 39kg available (holding approx. 50% of daily production)
  • Ideal for instant ice when needed for food display (for example on a fish or salad counter) or catering usage
  • Choose a floorstanding ice-making machine or ask about portable countertop ice machine options
  • Easy to use - simply plumbs into the mains and automatically refills as required
  • Energy efficient - cold air is used to keep temperature low to reduce running costs
  • A more convenient alternative to ice flakers and ice crushers - perfect cubes are ready-to-go

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Total Care subscription

When we say Total Care, we mean Total Care. The ultimate 'rental' option, our plan gives you extra benefit of full service and breakdown support.

Unlike many leasing alternatives, Total Care gives you all-inclusive installation, maintenance and repairs for a simple monthly subscription payment - which also takes away the CAPex pressures that come with buying equipment outright or choosing finance that requires a large deposit.

Benefits of a Total Care catering equipment subscription:

  • New appliances for no capital outlay
  • 7-day breakdown cover included
  • 8 working hour engineer response
  • Free design & layout consultancy
  • Free delivery & installation
  • Free 24/7 support helpline
  • Regular compliance checks & inspections
  • Access to the JLA development chef

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More about our ice machines...

From smaller commercial ice makers producing 24kg of ice per day to large scale ice machines producing in excess of 74kg every day, we have the solution for you whatever your ice making requirements. Whether you need a floor standing or counter top model, we can help you choose the right capacity cube maker for your business.

Crystal-clear ice cubes 

Every ice cube has a refreshing, crystal-clear appearance and lasts longer thanks to a patented small (20g), hard, compact thimble-shape designed for slow melting. The fast-chilling action and slow dilution make drinks taste (and look) their best, and quickly cools fruit juices, cocktails, soft drinks and mixers for guests and customers.

High capacity

The JLA Gourmet ice cube maker range offers a bin capacity that is fundamental to the correct choice of ice machine. Typically ice consumption is not regular throughout the day, so it is advisable to specify a size of ice bin capable of meeting peak demand. An ice bin that holds 50% of the total daily output of the unit is the ideal choice.

Condenser Air Filter

Our air-cooled Gourmet ice maker machines feature an air filter housed in the proximity of the condenser to stop accumulation of dust. Highly efficient and user-friendly, the filter can easily be removed from the front side of the unit and the ‘clean me’ light notifies when the filter needs cleaning - a quick and easy job thanks to the quick release drawer.

HSS - Horizontal Spray System

Minerals which are naturally contained in water affect the clarity of ice and can result in unattractive white cubes. The HSS sprays water onto the horizontal evaporator, where only the purest particles of water are transformed into ice.

WPS - Water Purity System

During the freezing process, the purest water is the first to freeze, while residual water and minerals flow back into the water sump. The Water Purity System flushes the water sump clean before each production cycle.

ESS - Energy Saving System

The ESS system optimises the efficiency of the ice maker's production cycle, improving the quality of the ice cubes and reducing operating costs to give you the most reliable way to serve gourmet ice cubes in your drinks.