Commercial pass through dishwashers

Heavy-duty ‘hood’ dishwashers for the busy commercial kitchens

Pass through dishwashers, also known as hood dishwashers, are the best commercial dishwashing machine option for busy catering establishments. Large, fast and efficient, and more  suited to constant flow of items than their under-counter equivalents, these dishwashers help to streamline the crockery throughput in your commercial kitchen so that staff can focus more on dishing up great food and service.

All JLA pass through dishwashers are available with 'Total Care' - giving you brand new appliances for no capital outlay and protecting you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns.

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Commercial Pass Through Dishwashers

Speed meets performance

Built for high volume washing, plates really do pass through at speed with these machines thanks to the fast-working cycle times and large capacity chambers. JLA commercial dishwashers offer multiple cycle durations with many running in just 50 seconds, which means you can wash up to 1,260 plates per hour.

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Our dishwashers are WRAS approved, with a built in break tank of type A for fluid category 5, giving you the strongest possible protection against contamination from water backflow. Bespoke solutions customised to your dimensions and tank capacity needs can be scoped to make the most of your space and layout, giving you the assurance of a custom dishwashing system to withstand the intensity of any busy kitchen.

JLA DWP10 Passthrough Dishwasher

JLA DWP10 Passthrough Dishwasher

  • Washes up to 1260 plates per hour
  • Cycle times from 50 seconds
  • Built-in detergent/rinse aid dispensers

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JLA DWP15 Passthrough Dishwasher

JLA DWP15 Passthrough Dishwasher

  • Washes up to 1260 plates per hour
  • Five cycle times available
  • Energy-efficient double-skin construction

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JLA DWP15s Passthrough Dishwasher

JLA DWP15s Passthrough Dishwasher

  • Washes up to 1260 plates per hour
  • Five cycle times available
  • Built-in water softener

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JLA DWP20 Passthrough Dishwasher

JLA DWP20 Passthrough Dishwasher

  • Washes up to 1260 plates per hour
  • Five cycle times available
  • Thermal disinfection cycle available

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Benefits of a Pass Through Dishwasher

  • Large, robust and easy-to-use
  • The power to wash through 1,260 plates per hour
  • Cycles can be as quick as 50 seconds
  • Energy efficient double-skin construction
  • Effortless delivery of a quality clean every time
  • Thermal disinfection rinse programmes allow for exemplary hygiene
  • Bespoke solutions available to maximise your commercial kitchen layout - corner installation is available
  • JLA pass through dishwashers work along standard entry and exit tables, increasing user-efficiency

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Total Care subscription

When we say Total Care, we mean Total Care. The ultimate 'rental' option, our plan gives you extra benefit of full service and breakdown support.

Unlike many leasing alternatives, Total Care gives you all-inclusive installation, maintenance and repairs for a simple monthly subscription payment - which also takes away the CAPex pressures that come with buying equipment outright or choosing finance that requires a large deposit.

Benefits of a Total Care catering equipment subscription:

  • New appliances for no capital outlay
  • 7-day breakdown cover included
  • 8 working hour engineer response
  • Free design & layout consultancy
  • Free delivery & installation
  • Free 24/7 support helpline
  • Regular compliance checks & inspections
  • Access to the JLA development chef

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Pass Through Dishwashers FAQs

What is a pass through dishwasher?

Pass through commercial dishwashers feature a pull-down hood, which is why they are often named hood dishwashers. They typically have tables either side for dirty and clean plates in the pre-wash and post-wash cycle. It’s a system of dishwashing which is made ideal for heavy-duty pot washing in a commercial kitchen environment.

Do I need a pass through dishwasher?

If you have a large commercial kitchen, a pass through dishwasher will be a worthwhile investment and they are recommended for kitchens that serve more than 200 meals in a service period. The need for quick turnaround in dishing up is what makes them particularly valuable, and is something that can’t quite be matched by an undercounter dishwasher, more suitable to a smaller kitchen.

Establishments such as chain restaurants, holiday parks, health clubs, hotels, and care homes all find that a pass through dishwasher is an economical choice for their catering services.

If you’re unsure which is best for you, consider your available space. A commercial hood dishwasher requires a larger floor space than an undercounter dishwasher, and in many instances will need additional height, so measuring is advisable.