Speedy, easy-to-use freshwater machines that thoroughly clean hundreds of dishes in minutes

When hygiene is high on your agenda, our WRAS-approved Pure freshwater dishwashers are ideal.

With thermal disinfection available, as well as speedy cycles lasting from just 11 minutes, you’ll benefit from a constant supply of thoroughly washed cutlery, glasses and crockery. Pre, main and rinse washes are just some of the programme options that offer flexibility throughout the day or night.


Robust, reliable dishwashers that clean hundreds of plates thoroughly in just 60 seconds

In a busy catering environment, we know that simplicity is as important as speed

That’s why our Spirit range of WRAS-approved commercial undercounter dishwashers make it easy for you to choose a cycle for your exact needs, and even easier to wash up to 900 plates per hour. Plus, with no waiting between wash cycles, our tank machines allow you to serve more sittings in less time to save energy and help you reduce utility bills.

Jla Dw10 Tank Dishwasher | Jla Dw15S Tank Dishwasher | Jla Fw11S Freshwater Dishwasher | Jla Fw15S Freshwater Dishwasher | Jla Fw20S Freshwater Dishwasher | Jla Fw20S Pro Freshwater Dishwasher