The range oven is at the heart of any commercial kitchen – with the ability to perform 10 of the 12 methods of cookery, it’s the most versatile piece of catering equipment.

JLA’s heavy-duty professional equipment is designed to the highest specifications, and can cope effortlessly with the constant challenges facing the modern commercial kitchen. We know you need commercial range ovens you can trust to serve you well day after day, year after year, which is why we have developed units that are big on performance and reliability– every feature and control offers the level of quality you demand to ensure every meal you produce is consistently of the highest standard.

The JLA product range includes a variety of products that are suitable for all environments, whether you’re a low to medium sized outlet with limited space or a full service, high volume restaurant – we have range ovens that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen, is built to last and will deliver great quality results every time.

JLA 600 - Commercial Oven Ranges

Features & Benefits

  • Sealed hob tops for easy cleaning
  • Vitreous enamelled interior
  • Four shelf positions with two removable shelves
  • Four burner gas, six burner gas, six hotplate electric products available

JLA 900 - Commercial Oven Ranges

Features & Benefits

  • Semi sealed hobs for easy cleaning
  • Vitreous enabled oven chamber
  • Five shelf positions – with two shelves supplied
  • Batwing doors as standard (drop down doors supplied as optional extra)

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