Commercial Salad Counters

Commercial salad counters are perfect for front-of-house displays in restaurants, cafes, hotels, carveries and countless other catering establishments. Our salad counters help you keep finished cold dishes, such as pasta salads, fresh and ready for serving.


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Commercial Salad Counter Range

Your professional and safe front-of-house display showing off your cold dishes and keeping them cool all year round.

Features and Benefits

  • Foodsafe stainless steel exterior and interior
  • Integral ‘easy grab’ door handle - easy to clean with no potential dirt traps
  • CoolSmart controller is designed for easy operation and features clear digital display
  • Designed and engineered to operate efficiently up to a 43°C ambient, this exceeds Climate Class 5
  • High performance, front vented commercial refrigeration system for increased energy efficiency and quieter improved performance

Jla Cpc3 Salad Counter