Commercial Hot Water Cylinders

Ideal for commercial premises which require a constant and consistent supply of hot water, our commercial hot water cylinders will perfectly meet the demands of care homes, schools, hotels and other businesses.


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Commercial Hot Water Cylinders - JLA Heating

JLA’s range of water cylinders provide efficient solutions for all small-to-medium-sized businesses

Cost-Effective options that provide fast recovery and maximum efficiency

JLA’s range of water cylinders are the perfect addition to your heating and hot water system. With our latest efficient models providing fast recovery, energy efficiency, and compact designs to maximise space – our water cylinders provide everything required by demanding operations.

JLA Light Commercial Water Cylinders

This light commercial range of indirect water cylinders is perfect for the smaller business. The compact design, fast recovery and built-in immersion heater for back up means it offers great all-round performance.

JLA Commercial Water Cylinders

JLA’s commercial floor-standing indirect water cylinders are built using high-alloy stainless steel - designed to perform and built to last.

Commercial Heating Water Cylinders