Coin Operated Stack System

Maximise your profit while being smart about floor space with our coin-operated stacked commercial dryers. Ideal for smaller launderettes and managed laundry rooms in holiday parks, key worker sites and university accommodation, these stacked commercial dryers will give your customers twice the throughput in the space of one machine.


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Coin operated stacked commercial dryer/dryers system

Double or triple your manages laundry or launderettes capacity without using up valuable extra space

With a number of capacity combinations available, you can choose a stacked dryer/dryer system to fit your needs – as well as your business layout.

JLA's stacked coin operated dryer/dryer systems are ideal for:

  • Installation in limited space
  • Reducing dry times
  • Launderettes
  • Managed Laundries

Jla 98 Coin Op Stack | Jla D330 Coin Op Stack | Jla Sd2020 Coin Op Smart Stack