How JLA remote heating management works

First, we’ll install a router at your site, which connects your commercial boilers to a central HQ JLA support hub via WiFi. Through a real time data feed, we then live-monitor your critical machines and devices for you 24/7 – predicting maintenance requirements, analysing potential problems, adjusting settings remotely for heightened efficiency and automatically sending engineers to your premises if there's an issue - before you even know about it.

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Key features:

App-connected machines

Benefit from the ultimate in user friendly controls to cut down on physical machine operation.

Ideal for: Sites where plant rooms or AC units are hard or time-consuming to access physically, or you need to manage multiple sites from a single location. App controls also remove the need for a full time onsite maintenance team.

Real-time monitoring 

Access live machine data in the cloud from one central portal for efficiency analysis.

Ideal for: Owners and managers who need the transparency and convenience of up-to-date, at-a-glance information from all the boilers and AC units they operate across their business, different buildings or in a multi-site group.

Live traffic light alert system

Live data shows us if everything is working as it should – and flags issues to our service desk if not. 

Ideal for: Businesses that can’t afford the hassle or cost of heating, hot water or AC downtime in key areas…but who have limited onsite resources to identify and fix everyday issues.

Remote diagnostics

Your 24/7 JLA support hub team can identify and solve issues without the need for an engineer visit.

Ideal for: Keeping critical temperature control equipment running smoothly – particularly during ongoing restrictions – and preventing unnecessary downtime that would otherwise occur.

Automated engineer call-outs

Our fault alert tracker automatically dispatches an engineer before your business is impacted.

Ideal for: Facilities managers or operators that need the reassurance of having problems flagged automatically in the background without impacting their To Do list, and the certainty of knowing an engineer will be onsite quickly to fix faults before they cause disruption.

Compliance reporting

Get accurate usage data to ensure – and prove – that your business is meeting relevant obligations

Ideal for: Care and healthcare or school settings who need the ability to easily log and verify their equipment usage and performance, to audit trail their processes for inspections and spot check visits - and market their temperature control assets to those who use their premises.

Recommended for your business:
Total Care subscription

All JLA's commercial heating units are available with Total Care - our all-inclusive service subscription.

This unique plan gives you the brand new HVAC appliances you need for no capital outlay and protects you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns.

Benefits of a Total Care HVAC subscription

  • New HVAC for no capital outlay
  • Free system design consultancy
  • Free installation of all units
  • Remote diagnostics 
  • Guaranteed 4hr response
  • Free 24/7 helpline
  • Annual service
  • Annual Gas Safety check
  • Temporary replacement heating in emergencies if required

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