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Almost all tumble dryer fires in commercial settings are the result of heat that has built up within the fabrics during the drying cycle. These fires can cause devastating damage to properties and put lives at risk, especially for premises with vulnerable people on-site.

We’re leading the way in the fight against commercial tumble dryer fires with our SAFE (Sensor-Activated Fire Extinguishing) technology, which makes our SMART dryers the perfect choice for your business.

The SAFE system uses two sensors to continuously monitor the temperature of the dryer drum for any significant changes. If higher temperatures than normal are detected, the system activates an atomised water vapour mechanism that soaks the laundry in the drum of the machine. This eliminates the chances of a fire occurring – all without flooding the dryer drum or your property. It also removes the need to evacuate the property as the fire is contained and extinguished within the machine.


A commercial dryer fire in the laundry room can cost business owners around £300,000 in terms of damage to property, but the threat to life, either directly from fire or indirectly through evacuation of the premises, should be the motivating factor in taking steps to reduce the risk of a fire occurring in your tumble dryers.

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