Switch to ozone for the ultimate laundry & air disinfection

OTEX has been helping businesses since 2004, when we developed the original ozone washing system in response to rising healthcare infections. Now, in the fight against Coronavirus, as well as long-established seasonal outbreaks, our laundry and room disinfection solutions continue to define best practice in commercial infection control.

OTEX laundry disinfection

Natural ozone washer system

Remove all traces of Coronavirus, as well as 99.999% of other harmful micro-organisms - with disinfection 'receipts' for auditing.

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OZONE Laundry Disinfection

OTEX room disinfection

Portable ozone sanitiser units

Safely eliminate airborne & surface bacteria in as little as 45 minutes using ozone, and leave rooms smelling 'open window' fresh.

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OTEX Room Disinfection

OTEX: The story so far...

The OTEX journey began in 2004 when (at the height of public concern over the rise of HCAIs such as C.diff, MRSA and E.Coli. Hospitals, care homes and clinics needed reassurance that their laundry could be kept clean and hygienic) JLA developed its own patented interfusor technology to use ozone as a natural disinfectant within the laundry system.

Since 2004, JLA has also launched OTEX room sanitiser systems, which use the same ozone technology to destroy harmful bacteria and remove odours from rooms of all sizes. Infection control is more important than ever and OTEX offers the care and healthcare industry, in particular, the reassurance to keep infections under control.

Advantages of ozone disinfection

  • Disinfects laundry in under 10 minutes and rooms in under an hour
  • Natural process – no harmful residue left behind
  • Reduces the need for (and cost of) detergents or surface cleaning chemicals
  • Safe to use in any commercial setting (guidance applies)
  • Proven to remove harmful micro-organisms other methods can’t
  • Pleasant fragrance – ‘after the storm’ freshness for linen, air and surfaces
  • Produced at point of use – no need to store, move or refill dangerous chemicals
  • Tested continuously by our own in-house JLA Chemist

What our customers say...

Know you are doing your best to protect staff and guests

Guest houses should definitely add a JLA Sanitiser to their list of essential tools. It is worth using just for peace of mind; knowing you are doing your best to protect staff and guests from harmful bacteria.

The Loudor Hotel

RQIA noted the cleanliness and fresh smell of the home

RQIA [the care inspectorate for Northern Ireland] noted the cleanliness and fresh smell of the home in their reports. They’re clearly impressed with the standard of cleanliness the Sanitiser has helped us to achieve.

Limetree Residential Home

Meet HACCP requirements and improve hygiene

With the OTEX Laundry Disinfection System, it’s easy to ensure all relevant HACCP details, COSSH data, Risk Assessments, wash trials and so on are documented. The cleanliness levels of the overalls have also improved.

Aimia Foods

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OTEX Laundry removes all traces of Coronavirus

JLA's OTEX ozone washing system could shape the 'new normal' for treating coronavirus-infected laundry.

The in-depth research found that the OTEX washing system, which uses ozone to kill bacteria even at low temperatures, completely removes all traces of coronavirus (OC43), a model virus for SARS-CoV-2.

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Ozone Laundry disinfection benefits

JLA's OTEX ozone laundry uses electricity and oxygen at low water temperatures, instead of traditional chemicals and high heat.

Take advantage of the power of OTEX to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds while seeing improved results with fresh-smelling, softer linen - particularly your towels.

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The importance of EUOTA membership

The EU Biocidal Products Regulation (528/2012) is designed to ensure a high level of protection for humans, animals and the environment.

The regulation is particularly important where ozone products are being considered, especially in the current climate for deep cleaning during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

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Recommended for your business:
Total Care subscription

All JLA's commercial ozone disinfection solutions are available with Total Care - our all-inclusive service subscription.

This unique plan gives you the brand new laundry appliances you need for no capital outlay and protects you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns.

Benefits of a Total Care laundry subscription

  • New equipment for no capital outlay
  • Free delivery & installation
  • ‘Get Started’ machine demo included
  • 7-day breakdown cover included
  • Engineer onsite within 8 working hours
  • Free 24/7 support helpline

Fill in our enquiry form to get a Total Care subscription quote.

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Keeping your information safe >

COVID-19 and ozone products - buyer beware

The current COVIDE-19 crisis has led to mass promotion of ozone as a disinfectant. If you purchase from, or enter into a contract with a company who isn't actively supporting the Biocidal Products Regulation, you run the risk of owning a product that could essentially be illegal to use in the near future. Find out more