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OTEX Energy

After developing the OTEX ozone disinfection system for laundry in health and social care, we realised that we could bring the same cost savings and wash quality to laundry rooms in hotels, spas, schools and beyond. We launched OTEX Energy, a commercial solution for non-healthcare markets, in early 2016.

You don’t have to be running a laundry room in a hospital or care home to be concerned about the quality of your towels, sheets and linens, or about how much you’re spending on utilities to keep them clean.  

The Green Way to Clean

With OTEX Energy, you’ll benefit from shorter wash cycles in cool water, which will cut your utility bills and help you do your bit for the environment. You’ll get a thorough clean in every cycle, eliminating bugs like norovirus and athlete’s foot which can plague the hospitality, leisure and education sectors.

As ozone disinfection opens up fabric fibres during the wash process, you’ll also benefit from soft linens and fluffy towels – all for less money and effort.

Find out how you can benefit from OTEX Energy –  contact us to arrange for a free laundry room audit.

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