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As an equestrian, you're well aware of how infectious diseases could decimate a stable if not identified and addressed quickly, and that linens can easily transmit dangerous illnesses. That’s why we offer our innovative OTEX ozone disinfection system to horse stables, which means that you will benefit from cost-efficient hygiene and infection control that takes care of everything from numnahs and blankets to large horse rugs, leaving your items fresh, clean and thoroughly disinfected.

We can also provide you with warewashing solutions to ensure that feed tubs, buckets and other items are thoroughly sanitised, reducing the risk that infectious diseases, such as strangles or equine herpesvirus, will spread throughout a stable and threaten equine health.

We help keep your horses healthy and happy by providing you with world-class equipment and an unrivalled level of breakdown cover, ensuring that you can focus on what you do best – running your stable.


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