Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning - Extractor Hood Inspection

Schedule extractor hood inspection and commercial kitchen canopy cleaning visit from JLA to ensure you stay compliant today.

Your canopy and extractor work hard to remove heat, fumes and particles from your kitchen - it's critical that your commercial kitchen canopy and extractor unit meet fire safety and HVCA TR19 standards. 

While ensuring equipment is expelling exhaust grease and fumes from the cooking area in line with industry regulations and Health & Safety guidelines, JLA’s engineers also check overall operation to maintain efficiency and performance. Staying true to the money-saving, ‘pre-emptive’ approach its Service & Repairs department is built upon, engineers also look to identify any problems before they arise and help caterers plan required maintenance as part of an ongoing ‘asset care’ programme. 

JLA commercial kitchen hood cleaning

JLA's compliance-focused canopy checks will ensure that ventilation in commercial kitchens is fit for purpose, and in turn help companies guard against insurance premium hikes, litigation and even potential prosecution that can result from poor extraction equipment maintenance.As part of the canopy/hood inspection, JLA’s engineers apply condition ratings for:

  • Canopy dims
  • Canopy lighting
  • Grease filter
  • Intake air allowance
  • Main canopy material
  • Amount of daily usage
  • Extraction fan
  • CO2 reading
  • General observations

Kitchen extractor hood cleaning 

According to regulatory standards, commercial catering canopy hoods must be cleaned on a consistent schedule to prevent the build-up of dangerous, unhygienic grease and minimise the risk of fires.

Insurance companies will also insist on evidence of regular extractor cleaning should you need to make a claim later on, if you can’t provide it they may dispute the claim or even cancel your policy.

Our engineers can inspect, clean and service all parts of your canopy, from the grease filter to the extractor fan and beyond. Once that’s done, they’ll move onto the extractor, the access panels and your filters, performing a visual inspection before moving on to deep cleaning and servicing.

You’ll receive a certificate stating that your kitchen now meets HVCA TR19 standards. You can then provide your insurance company with evidence of this certificate to show that you have met these standards and have satisfied the terms and conditions of the policy, and are also in line with fire safety standards.

We can help you fulfil your fire safety obligations with no hassle or fuss on your part. Get in touch with us today to schedule an extractor clean for your commercial kitchen.

Our aim is to give customers the convenience of having a single contact to call upon for kitchen requirements, but offers them the peace of mind that comes with using the same provider that in many cases has given them long-term critical asset support in other key areas of their business.

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