Commercial Kitchen Hood Maintenance

It's vital that extractor units in restaurants, cafes and other commercial kitchens comply with HVAC TR19 and fire safety standards. As such, you should carry out commercial kitchen canopy cleaning at regular intervals - even during lockdowns and periods limited operation.

Your commercial kitchen canopy hood works hard to remove heat, fumes and particles from your catering equipment. Professional, preventative maintenance and cleaning are therefore critical to keep it working at its best.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Maintenance

Why use a professional cleaning service?

  • Compliant with fire safety regulations
  • Protect staff and customers/users
  • Reduce fire risk in your catering area
  • Meeting business insurance obligations
  • Maximise equipment efficiency/performance
  • Identify any problems and arrange any necessary repairs

How often should a commercial kitchen hood be cleaned?

Basic cleaning should be carried out daily or weekly. However, a full 'maintenance' clean can be completed annually unless a fire risk assessment recommends otherwise.

JLA's commercial kitchen hood cleaning services

Cleaning your extractor fan fully can be time-consuming, and daunting if you don't know exactly what to do. Using a third-party service is a good way to guarantee complete cleanliness and compliance.

Our engineers can inspect, clean and service all parts of your canopy/hood system. Following a visual inspection of the extractor, access panels and filters they'll complete a deep clean and service your unit to remove grease and other blockages/hazards.

As part of the canopy/hood inspection, JLA’s engineers will submit condition ratings for:

  • Canopy dims
  • Canopy lighting
  • Grease filter
  • Intake air allowance
  • Main canopy material
  • Amount of daily usage
  • Extraction fan
  • CO2 reading
  • General observations

You’ll also receive a certificate stating that your kitchen now meets HVCA TR19 standards. You can then provide your insurance company with evidence that you have met these standards.

Commercial kitchen hood maintenance is just one of the key services we offer to keep you compliant - we also offer gas safety checks and preventative checks, so please ask for details when you contact us if you need help in these areas.

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