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Why every business should have a combi steam oven

Professional kitchens like those in a typical care home, restaurant, pub or hotel can consume approximately 2.5 times more energy per square foot than any other area. Considering a combi steam oven (also known as a combination steam oven or simply a combi oven) is just one way to improve cooking efficiency, trim those utility costs and keep your overall catering spend on food stock to a minimum.

Combination Steam Oven

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What is a combi steam oven?

‚ÄčThe 'combi' in combi steam oven is short for 'combination', which refers to the oven's 3-in-1 functions and the ability to cook with convection heat, team, or both. With everything you need in a single appliance, a combi will save time, space and money in any commercial kitchen. Read our full guide here.

The business benefits of 3-in-1 cooking

A combi steam oven can streamline your processes and single-handedly deliver more from your kitchen than any other piece of kit. Aside from all the benefits to your chef and diners or residents in terms of versatility and nutrition, combination steam ovens can deliver significant cost savings.

Capable of doing the job of a dozen pieces of equipment in less time, there's no need for multiple pots, pans and ovens simultaneously cooking the various elements of your menu which can drive up your utility bills.

With economical energy use as standard, a combi could see you save up 60% on your bill versus domestic equipment.

Choosing a combi oven for your commercial kitchen will also ensure you get the most out of your food stock spend – the use of moist, humid heat during the cooking process means it won’t dry out food like a regular oven can, which is particularly important when it comes to expensive but essential ingredients such as meats.

What is a combi oven used for?

Combi steam ovens are mainly used in commercial settings to cook meat (gentle steam flow in the oven will minimise shrinkage and weight loss), fish (steaming will help maintain the delicate flavour and key nutrients), vegetables (broccoli, carrots, new potatoes and other popular sides will keep more of their nutritional value and natural colour), as well as breads, pies and pastries (convection mode, a combi can achieve a crisp finish and bake things evenly with no burnt edges.) 

The ability to manage your settings leads to much less wastage, and in care settings will also keep essential vitamins and moisture 'locked in'. Whatever your business, the 3-in-one functions and choice of steam, convection or both will give you much less shrinkage - meaning more servings for the same cost to acheve big savings when trying to stick to a cost per serving budget.

Traditional Oven vs Combi Oven

Food can lose up to a third of its weight through dry roasting. A combi oven can prevent this as a result of the moisture used in the cooking process.

Simplifying the processes in your commercial kitchen can make all the difference to staff productivity. With a combi’s in-built intelligent technology and easy button interface, those once-laborious tasks such as storing and following recipes, co-ordinating and monitoring timings across different pans and ovens, and equipment cleaning become 'one-touch' tasks.

This way of working in your kitchen can ensure you only cook for the headcount you need, as well as helping you to avoid incurring staff costs or expensive overtime.

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