Starting a Launderette business: Free Guide

Starting A Launderette We know that starting a launderette business can be daunting, and that you may need some help along the way. With four decades’ experience, we can offer that help, beginning with a 'Starting a Launderette' Business Guide that has been specially compiled to outline the steps you need to take…as well as the ways in which we can get you started with first-class coin-operated laundry machines that are built to make you money. 

"Before I opened up, I’d never turned on a washing machine in my life – I ran a bakery and a fish and chip shop, and I was not domesticated at all. It just goes to show that anyone can start a launderette!”

Peter Marks, The Lost Sock Launderette
In our FREE guide you'll find information on:


  • The advantages of starting a service wash business
  • Key things you need to consider (like location, shop size and planning permission)
  • Defining your target market
  • Choosing the services you'll offer
  • Machine financing examples
  • First steps to starting your launderette

Our dedicated team have created a handy guide to help you on your way - simply fill in the form below to download it today and take the next steps towards a profitable laundry business of your own.

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Your Business Guide: Starting a Launderette