Commercial blast chillers

Ensure control and compliance when it comes to food storage

If your business has catering at its core, a commercial blast chiller is an invaluable asset for serving up delicious pre-prepared meals en masse. Thanks to powerful compressors within blast chill refrigerators, food can be reduced from 90ºC to 3ºC in less than 90 minutes, ensuring your business exceeds food safety legislation, as well as achieves HACCP compliance - both essential for any professional kitchen environment, whether you’re running a busy restaurant, laid back cafe, or essential meals for care homes.

All JLA blast chiller model are available with 'Total Care' - giving you brand new appliances for no capital outlay and protecting you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns.

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Commercial blast chillers

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Upright blast chiller

Commercial blast chillers are essential for adhering to food safety legislation in your commercial kitchen.

Their ability to take food out of the “danger zone” quickly so that it can be safely frozen and stored for later use makes them essential for caterers. Whether you run a care home kitchen or a bustling restaurant, you need a commercial blast chiller to help you meet safety regulations and keep your stock safe.

Allowing the preparation of food in advance, blast chillers allow chefs and general kitchen staff can take control of the catering process. Food is less dehydrated, meaning meals can be kept in the best possible condition for storing, to be just as delicious as when they were first cooked.

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Upright blast chiller

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Total Care subscription

When we say Total Care, we mean Total Care. The ultimate 'rental' option, our plan gives you extra benefit of full service and breakdown support.

Unlike many leasing alternatives, Total Care gives you all-inclusive installation, maintenance and repairs for a simple monthly subscription payment - which also takes away the CAPex pressures that come with buying equipment outright or choosing finance that requires a large deposit.

Benefits of a Total Care catering equipment subscription:

  • New appliances for no capital outlay
  • 7-day breakdown cover included
  • 8 working hour engineer response
  • Free design & layout consultancy
  • Free delivery & installation
  • Free 24/7 support helpline
  • Regular compliance checks & inspections
  • Access to the JLA development chef

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Designed to give caterers complete control of the chilling process 

our stylish upright unit delivers performance that exceeds food safety legislation, is HACCP compliant and meets guidelines for cook chill catering systems worldwide. The JLA Blast Chiller rapidly reduces the temperature of hot foods from 90ºC to 3ºC in 90 minutes whilst eliminating product dehydration and ensuring food is maintained in the best possible condition.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to Blast Chill 23kg from +90°C to +3°C in 90 minutes Foodsafe stainless steel exterior and interior
  • Radiused, easy clean, interior based corners to reduce potential dirt traps
  • Easy to use, 1-2-3 state of the art control panel - 3 simple steps to initiate blast cycle
  • Designed and engineered to operate efficiently up to a 43°C ambient, this exceeds Climate Class 5
  • Provides excellent thermal efficiency with low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • Choice of hard, soft, store and core food temperature probe controlled cycles with audible alarm indicating end of cycle
  • Automatic defrost at the end of every blast cycle or every 6 hours in store mode

Blast Chiller FAQs

For help finding the best blast chiller for your business, we’ve answered our most frequently asked questions below.

How does a blast chiller work?

The slow cooling of food naturally results in bacteria growth, with a particularly aggressive growth rate when food reaches between 5°C and 63°C. This is known as the “danger zone”, and the longer that food is kept within this range, the higher the chances are that your food will cause illness upon consuming. Blast chilling ensures that the food remains in the “danger zone” for as little time as possible, and therefore reducing the amount of bacteria.

Through continuous cool air blasted over the food - something which cannot be done in a residential refrigerator - blast chillers ensure your kitchen is compliant with health and safety regulations.

How long does a blast chiller take to work?

JLA commercial blast chillers are designed to blast chill from +90°C to +3°C in 90 minutes.

What is the difference between a blast chiller and a freezer?

A blast chiller and blast freezer are sometimes confused due to the fact that they both reduce the temperature of food in a quick and safe way. However, a blast chiller fridge typically reduces food to a temperature of 3ºC for temporary safe storage, or until suitable to be refrigerated elsewhere.

A blast chill freezer on the other hand, reduces food to a far colder temperature of up to -18ºC. This is sometimes referred to as “shock freezing”. A blast freezer will preserve food for around three times longer than a blast chill refrigerator making it the preferred choice for longer-term food storage.

Can a blast chiller be contaminated?

JLA blast chillers have radiused corners as part of their interior design to ensure that they are easy to clean, and reduce any potential dirt traps.