Passthrough Dishwahsers

Streamline cleaning in your kitchen with our range of commercial passthrough dishwashers. Designed to meet the high demands of busy catering establishments, these passthrough dishwashers offer cycle times as low as 50 seconds. Our machines will help you clean cutlery, crockery, pans and other items more efficiently so that you can focus on cooking great food.


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Passthrough Dishwahsers

Large, robust and easy-to-use dishwashing machines that can process thousands of plates per hour

Our passthrough dishwashers are as easy to use as they are efficient. With the power to wash their way through up to 1260 plates an hour.

Our heavy-duty ‘hood’ dishwashers can effortlessly process plates in under a minute with intensive programmes that deliver a quality clean every time. Thermal disinfection rinse programmes are also available for the ultimate in hygienic commercial dishwashing.

Our passthrough machines are generally designed to work alongside standard entry and exit tables, increasing user-efficiency by 15%.

Bespoke solutions can also be scoped to make the most of your space and layout – with corner installation available.

Jla Dwp10 Passthrough Dishwasher | Jla Dwp15 Passthrough Dishwasher | Jla Dwp15S Passthrough Dishwasher | Jla Dwp20 Passthrough Dishwasher