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Ideal for: commercial kitchens that need extra capacity, ease-of-use, control and performance in a single appliance.

A commercial combi oven from JLA will open up new possibilities in your kitchen, and will complement your existing equipment by adding ‘multi-function’ versatility to every mealtime.

JLA Inteli-Cook combi ovens have a number of differentiated features; most importantly the availability of increased capacity racks which provides 50% more cooking volume which effectively turns a 6 grid combi oven into a 9 grid, a 10 grid combi oven into a 15 grid into a 20 grid. In addition, JLA combi ovens draw water in from the water feed only when it’s needed for steam – removing the need for an integrated boiler which significantly reduces energy costs.

Our Inteli-Compact machines pack high performance power into a footprint that's 40% smaller than a standard combi oven - great for kitchens with limited space. This range also includes single phase options for outlets with limited power supplies.

By choosing a JLA combi oven you’ll benefit from leading edge, award winning technology which is backed up by exceptional engineer support.

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