Whether you operate a small or a large kitchen set-up, the JLA range of commercial fryers are simple to use and easy to clean.

We know that both small kitchens and larger commercial set-ups need commercial fryers they can trust to perform day after day – whether they are cooking meals en masse or enhancing dishes with special menu items.

Regardless of your volume requirements, our Venus commercial fryer solutions are designed to give you authentic flavour, crisp finish and rapid turnaround at busy mealtimes with robust build quality that won't let you down.

JLA S Range

The JLA S Range of fryers are a core range of countertop and floor standing fryer that are suitable for small to medium sized kitchens.

Manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel, the S Range offers high performance with great safety and easy clean features.

With a single tank, thermostatic control, fail safe temperature cut out, a drainage valve for easy draining this is an excellent commercial fryer.

JLA P Range

The P Range includes robust, high performance floor standing fryers that will stand the test of any medium to large sized kitchen.

Our commercial fryer include both electric and gas options. Our P range fryers include removable basket hangers for easy clean.

They also include excellent recovery times and easy cleaning features, the P Range provides optimum performance for consistent cooking results.

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