Commercial Catering Grills

We offer a wide range of commercial salamander grills that will give your dishes the perfect finish. Our gas and electric grills put the final touches on all kinds of food, from crème brûlée to cheese-topped sandwiches and everything in between. Flash finishing your food has never been so easy.


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Commercial Salamander Grills

JLA commercial grills offer power and flexibility to any large kitchen.

The JLA range of salamander grills offer power and flexibility to any commercial kitchen.

Using direct heat, salamander grills are perfect for rapid grilling of meats and fish, toasting, browning and flash cooking.

Jla 785 Gas Salamander Grill | Jla 785 Electric Salamander Grill | Jla 900 Gas Salamander Grill | Jla 900 Electric Salamander Grill