Commercial Refrigeration and Freezers

JLA's commercial fridges and freezers are designed for high performance in your commercial kitchen. They’ll be able to withstand high ambient temperatures, will run more efficiently than domestic models and are offered in a variety of styles and sizes - so you’ll always find a fridge or freezer to fit your catering establishment. We also offer blast chillers to enhance food safety in your kitchen, as well as salad counters and bottle coolers for front-of-house applications.


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Commercial Fridges and Freezers

Our approach to refrigeration is based on what chefs tell us they need. By looking at the kitchen through your eyes, we have been able to develop appliances that operate effectively in high-heat environments, maintain temperature during periods of continuous opening and work efficiently to save you money on energy bills.

Available in under-counter, counter top and upright cabinet options to give you the exact solution you need for the space available, these robust, energy efficient fridges and freezers will effortlessly withstand the day to day challenges of a busy professional kitchen.

Save up to 15% on energy costs.

Innovative controllers manage the output of the fridges. The harder you work, the harder our fridges work to keep temperatures at optimum chilling levels – and when idle, they ease off on cool air generation to save you up to 15% in energy.

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