Commercial Rotary Irons and Finishing Equipment

Finishing your laundry is the final part of the process – your work isn’t done once linens are pulled from your tumble dryer. That’s why JLA offers commercial rotary irons and finishing equipment to complement our laundry product range and give you the ability to process your laundry in-house from start to finish.

In addition to the quality, reliability and performance that you expect from JLA's commercial rotary irons, you’ll also benefit from features that make it easier to finish flatwork, such as Nomex covers, full-length finger guards, return-feeding belts for ease of use, optional integrated folding systems and thermostatic control.

JLA Commercial washing machines

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  • Professional Irons
    (15kg/hr - 850mm x 160mm) Perfectly compliments our washers and dryers
  • Light Commercial Irons
    (5-8.1kg/hr - 1 to 1.4m) Ideal solution to complete the laundry process
  • Commercial Irons
    (30kg/hr - 1.4 to 2.1m) Large scale irons providing a high quality finish for high throughput
  • Industrial Irons
    (40-50kg/hr - 2.5 to 3.2m) Industrial scale, high throughput equipment for top quality finish
  • Finishing Tables and Steam Irons
    (15kg/hr - 850mm x 160mm) Specialist equipment for use in professional establishments

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