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The hunger for good quality AND nutrition in care homes


YouGov research shows that over half of those asked (56%) consider nutritious, high-quality food to be very important with regard to friends and relatives who are currently or have recently been in care homes.

That should bring home to readers the importance of cooking good quality food at every mealtime - not only to satisfy (and properly care for) those they serve, but also to attract new residents - in a society where the number of over-85s is increasing along with life expectancy.

The standard of care provided in a home often makes the headlines, but seldom recognised as being linked to quality of food provided. As an example, few reports will highlight the fact that in addition to the prevention of long-term conditions and physical deterioration, good food plays an important contributing role in the development, management and prevention of specific mental health problems including depression. As James McCoy, Research Director at YouGov, points out: “As the recent stories about meal standards in the NHS show, food and care go hand in hand.

To raise standards of cooking, and reap the benefits (both financial and ethical) of presenting better food choices to residents, homes must seek to improve their existing facilities wherever possible. One way to do that with minimum fuss and even £0 capital outlay, is to consider a combi oven - and call on ‘8 in 1’ approach to cooking that will save time as well as money. Our next blog - a quick guide to combi ovens - will look at how a new way of catering for care home residents could help your business.


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