Vivid commercial glasswashers ensure wash quality is high and finish is perfectWe know that gleaming glassware reflects well on your business, so our ‘Vivid’ glasswasher range has been designed to give you the best possible finish in the quickest possible time.

Enjoy stylish design with plenty of substance

  • Cycle options from just 60 seconds
  • Soft-touch control for ease-of-use
  • Capacity for 480-640 glasses per hour
  • Low wash and rinse temperatures for long lasting glassware
  • Undercounter installation for added convenience where space is limited

A choice of machines available to rent or buy

Find a model that’s right for your business, and get the reliability, speed, quality and efficiency you need.

Jla Gw10 Glasswasher | Jla Gw10S Glasswasher | Jla Gw20 Glasswasher | Jla Gw20S Glasswasher | Jla Fw08Gs Glasswasher